wedding speechesI have seen and heard about many people who had a rough time editing, writing and then presenting a groom’s father speech. Why were things so difficult in their lives? Among the reasons I know about, I must mention that most people were just confused or bad managers of free time. Simply said, there are no complex reasons for seemingly complex problems. The focus of this particular article is that you will recognize, identify and change situations regarding your wedding speech creation. You will only need to understand how easy it is to treat causes and not effects. I am talking about this because, in most cases, the causes are simple and unique while the effects are complicated and numerous. This article focuses on many simple aspects, in order to reveal how simply you can deal with different aspects of preparing a great speech in useful time. Click HERE to Download 25 Speech Examples

End that frustration of “I have no ideas about what I should write”

Okay, the first cause is that you believe that there are no ideas in your head and no potential in your life, especially not related to writing great speeches. If these are your thoughts or they are just similar to your thoughts, you should stop for a minute and think about various aspects of life. First of all, think about one of your good friends. Let’s say one of them came and they would ask for your advice. Something like: “Hey man, my son is getting married in 3 weeks and I have no ideas for my speech – can you help?” What would you do? Would you say “Sorry, ask someone else, because I don’t know”? Or would you try bringing up new ideas and helping your friend with the best of what you can?

The reality is this: you would start thinking and saying all kinds of probably weird, but good ideas. Then, hearing these things, your friend will realize that he now knows what to do. And even if this is not the case, ideas can be found in free sources easily.

So, what I am trying to really say is this: no matter how incompetent you think you are, there is great potential. You just need to explore that potential. If you have no ideas yet, start browsing on the internet and start reading speech texts. If not speech texts, then start reading ideas for writing good speeches. There are literally thousands of articles, blogs and various other sources that will definitely help you with these issues. When you are looking for new ideas, there are many sources to be found. These sources will all be able to give you brand new ideas!

Then, even if you didn’t find great ideas today, frustration will never be able to help with your situation. Just because you feel lost among the lines, just because you feel helpless and frustrated, you need solutions and frustration or stress is not among them. The solution for any kind of problem always comes in moments of calmness when you are able to take a deep breath and think twice.

Don’t assume your problem is the biggest

Sometimes, we prefer to think as if we were the greatest victims of certain situations in life. If we can’t succeed in something, we begin blaming one another or the system, or anything we can. That is so unfair and not realistic at all! If you think that your single or multiple problems will “qualify” you for the position of the “man of the greatest suffering”, you are wrong. There are many people with difficulties 1000 times greater than yours, and it’s just that they don’t complain publicly.

When you notice you are suffering from various reasons with different problems, you need to understand that there is always a solution for what you think is impossible. It is only your availability for the solution that makes it easy or hard.

For example, you might believe you have no time to deal with everything that your son asked you to deal with. In such a situation, what makes a good solution is that you call some friends, family members and basically anyone you can, and then you ask them to help you in due time. It is almost for certain that there are many people who will be able to help you, if you allow them to. Don’t think that you are the single professional who can deal with every possible situation and simply solve any problem that pops up ahead.

There are cases, when there is no possibility to ask help, at least not enough. In such instances, you need to understand that you can also deal with many things by yourself. The success can come if you understand how managing time can be handled. If you take the top priority for the last position on your to-do list, don’t wonder about why failure came and how it was ever possible that you failed so quickly. However, if you are able to prioritize your list of activities and solve every item as it comes, then it is impossible to remain without everything solved in time.

Choosing words that will turn simple thoughts into wonders

The magic of any father of the groom speech stands in your power to express things, to put thoughts on paper and to express them with selected, elite words. Now, defining elite words is a matter of viewing things from a perspective or another. Regardless of the perspective, you will always have a second way, another choice, something else that could help.

However, in order to choose the words, you need a strategy before beginning that part. First of all, before anything else would turn out to be fine, you need to begin writing some draft versions. Yes, it is probably not so easy to have one draft and then the next and the next until you are done, but this is a good way, a great strategy to conquer the battle of the best words.

When you choose your words, go step by step. Let us go through a simple, fast and very efficient example of how you can handle choosing the finest words.

Step 1 – you have a basic idea, but it doesn’t sound like part of a speech

In this step, you only have a simple thought written on paper, and nothing more came out of it. This could be something like the following: “I must tell you how amazing my son was and still is.” Well, such a sentence is just a starter, definitely not a line to include in a wedding speech!

Step 2 – you have more ideas to extend your sentence

Now, you start having some great new ideas, which you find highly useful for your father of the groom speech. For instance, you might extend the above sentence to the following thoughts:

“I will now tell a story about my son. Ever since his childhood, he was helpful. When someone contacted him to ask help, he didn’t refuse. The same goes for his beautiful wife, Catherine. Thus, he is a helpful man we can all appreciate.”

This way of putting things is slightly better, but still not good enough. You have extended your ideas and thoughts, but it lacks flow and formalism. To be formal is important, especially since it’s your father of the groom speech.

Step 3 – the next ideas allow you to add a tablespoon of formalism

At this step, you suddenly realize that a couple of changes would make it sound more elaborate and formal. It would turn into something like:

“Let me tell you something interesting about my son. When he was a child, his behavior allowed me to notice that he has a heart for other people. Even if he wasn’t old enough or powerful enough to handle some duties around the house or the garage, he offered and wanted to help me. Then, this character turned out to be even stronger. He also helped his friends, colleagues and others. Then, as he met Catherine, he helped her complete homework and also went shopping with her, whenever needed. I truly admire his heart!”

This version, while it is more formal, it is not good enough. We still need to extend it, and add some thoughts and style.

Step 4 – putting it all together into the final form

Now, once you have gone through the previous steps, you realize that it only takes a bit more and you’re already done with this part. Now, your simple initial sentence turns into something like the following:

“Let me tell you something interesting about my son. When he was a child, his behavior allowed me to notice that he has a heart for other people. Even if he wasn’t old enough or powerful enough to handle some duties around the house or the garage, he offered and wanted to help me.

Then, this character turned out to be even stronger and noticeable. During school and high school years, his friends and teachers always referred to him as the helpful one, because he always dedicated time and money to help others. Even if it was about little things, my son still liked to help.

After his 20th birthday, he met Catherine while drinking a coffee with some friends. They sympathized each other and they fell in love. He presented Catherine to us, and we liked her personality and way of seeing life. Then, as months passed, we observed that our son is still the helpful gentleman we have known him to be.

So, John, let me tell you that I appreciate what you have done so far and I believe it is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as the future goes. Catherine, you have chosen very well!”


As you read these words, you now probably understand how things go from a simple, lame sentence to something highly professional. Was it professional from the beginning? It wasn’t. Did you need superhero skills to shape it into the final form? Definitely not! So, as a conclusion, all you needed was patience and a bit of time to edit the words. Very simple to have it that way!

Ideas you can get from others are gold

Then, you can never know what golden ideas others might offer. For example, some of your friends might want to help you with some tips. While your pride might tell you not to accept any of that, while you might assume that they are all saying non-sense, you might be wrong. Friends might be joking and making fun of some situations, but when it comes to tips for a good friend, they definitely come up with great ideas.

You can also review some great websites, such as Pinterest. These sources are amazing, because they not only present ideas but they will give a new perspective for everything. Maybe some of these ideas will seem irrelevant to what you need, but with a second and third look, you will quickly realize how useful these are. Yes, it is all about a popular website (Pinterest), but it is popular for a good reason. Now, I don’t say it’s the perfect website, but it’s a great website to fulfill many special needs.

YouTube is something you probably access every single day. Since you are there, why not try to get some ideas from that site too? After all, it would only cost you some free time and some patience, and you might find the best ideas, even better than you imagined before searching for these things. The videos that have been uploaded are of various types, some of them of a very poor quality and others of high quality. Still, most of the videos are medium to high quality (if you can search as specifically as possible) and these will allow you to see beyond the simple appearances, and also hear the thoughts and ideas of people who already went through your current situation.

There are many forums for both women and men, special groups where you can discuss certain topics. Some of these forums are about various aspects of life, including marriage and wedding speeches. If you sign up to these forums, you can ask others or you can alternatively begin reading what others already discussed. As soon as you do that, you will realize that it’s very easy to handle things as necessary and have a great speech as soon as possible.

Another alternative can be found in libraries. Libraries are probably very forgotten nowadays, but they are great sources of inspiration and of things that were useful for many. After all, reading a couple of pages from different books shouldn’t be a problem. It is a challenge and a fun way to experience something new!


With the ideas we presented in this article, you should now be fully equipped with the tools to write a great father of the groom speech easily. We targeted simplicity and tried to explain and demonstrate why these things are way simpler than they seem. If you still don’t get the point, try to read again without pride and without a prejudice about how this article was structured.

If it seems unrealistically optimistic, try to understand that all ideas are very simple, affordable and easy to implement. To see how it works, all you need to do is try these ideas one by one, and just wait for the best of the results to come!