While it’s not the best thing or the best situation to call things urgent, but sometimes it’s just no other way around, time is money in 2017. You find yourself in a stressful position, and you’d like to get it done in just five minutes. Well, I guarantee that five minutes are not possible for a good speech, but 30-40 minutes would do! Just 30-40 minutes? What I am going to recommend is just fine for urgent solutions. Or Click HERE to Download already made Speech Examples

You need a scheme

The first thing you need to know for writing a father of the groom speech urgently is that you need a scheme. The scheme is basically simple: you find a few ideas, grab a template or pre-written speech, do a little editing and it’s done! Of course, it’s not as personal as a speech that was written within weeks or months, whiles it was edited multiple times, turning it into something amazing.

Also, there are other schemes too! Practically there’s a trick that won’t always work, but if it does, you’ll spend almost no time on it! What is that trick? Yes, as you might have guessed: paying someone to do it for you. If it’s a trustworthy person, then it’s fine. If not, then you’ll get something you didn’t want. It’s very risky, but then your time is only to tell the person what you need, let them write, and then pay them once done.

As a word of warning: I do not recommend these ideas personally as “good” or “emergency situation savers”, but at your own risk you can attempt to use any of the ideas presented in this article. No warranty here!

Finding online speech templates

One of the best ways that would work wonders with an urgent speech is filling out speech templates that can be found online. Of course, you need to be very specific and make sure that you look up at least 10 templates before you decide which one fits you best. While it’s only about filling out what has been already written, if you feel like you’d remove or add some sentences or words there, feel free to do that! After all, it’s not like a state exam where you only fill the gaps and then it’s done. You have dozens of possibilities to extend, to renew, to enhance – all chances are there.

Also, these online templates are sometimes written poorly, but others are great and stylish. Please have at least 10 minutes of patience to research so that you can compare sources. It’s not necessarily a law that an older site means more credibility, so take a look at the newer sites too. You can never know which blogger had a glimpse of good ideas and then wrote something amazing. Also, sometimes the new websites have a fresh inspiration, more desire to produce better. If you are there and you find some templates they have posted, it’s all useful.

Maybe you will find multiple templates and then realize “man, they’re too short”. In those cases, combining 2-3, or more of them (as much as needed), you will have a longer speech template. It’s all simple: copy-paste in word, edit the text, fill out the gaps and you have it – your very own speech! If your editing abilities are good, this could take as much as 25-35 minutes, but won’t exceed 40 minutes!

Being calm meanwhile

Whenever a human is in a hurry, we tend to lose control and do foolish things. Then, when we’re calmed down, we go like “what did I just do”? So, instead of regrets it’s better to be prepared psychically too, being able to relax while you already realized the sense of urgency.

Also, being totally calmed when you are on your way to produce your speech urgently, you will find new ideas. Even if you didn’t like any of the ideas from this article and you feel like you wanted something else, a relaxed brain can think normally and efficiently. At the same time a brain that is empowered by stress will only think from a perspective of stress, understanding nothing more than pressure. Pressure sometimes works to benefit us, such as with exams in college, but other than that pressure can be very negative (considering its side effects).

Watching videos can be super-fast too

If you have the patience to search for about 5-10 minutes, find a good and high quality YouTube video with a father of the groom speech then it’s easier for you to write your own. After you’ve listened to such a video, considering that it’s not a parody and it’s representing a real situation, you will only need 20-30 minutes to write your own version. Yes, you can listen to it again, pause every 10-20 seconds, and meanwhile you can write your own thoughts. The best about this is the following: after you’ve watched the video for the first time and realized that the speech it has is good enough, the second or third view will be easier, because you already know the general flow, the ideas in general. So then, you can think about very own ideas and emotions, and try to put them into words based on how the person speaking did it. It doesn’t matter if the video is 5 years old or was filmed this year. All that matters is to have something not older than 5 years ago. Yes, of course, you could watch something older too but we can’t guarantee that the style of such speeches still applies.

Alternatively, you might find a few short instruction video clips in which some people explain what the key to writing your own wedding speech is. By listening to such instructions, you can meditate for a few moments and realize that you can do it too. It’s obvious that you won’t have hours ahead of you, in which time you could polish the quality of your text, but you can have something basic, taking extra care for the things you’ve heard about. Also, some people might even give you short 1-2 sentence examples of how certain parts could sound, how they could be worded.

A quick-starter example

You can, if you wish, use the following example for your speech. As you use this, add your words, your thoughts and your ideas, turning it into something personal. No worries: again it is guaranteed it doesn’t take more than 30-40 minutes (unless you stare at this article or at your paper for a while). Here’s the example speech with simple instructions to fill it in properly! Click HERE for MORE Speech Examples

“Dear guests, I am pleased to be here with you today in celebrating the union of love between (groom’s name) and (bride’s name). Isn’t it wonderful to see that this time a love story turned out to be real? I can’t be happier for my son than seeing his face shine with such a beautiful lady.

It seems like it’s only been a few months ago. I had my wife sitting by me, watching TV, and suddenly she felt deep pain. We knew it’s time for (groom’s name) to be born. So, I took her to the hospital and soon enough our modest home received a new member. He wasn’t like the other boys around our neighbors. Our son loved creativity in a way that we were shocked. In high school, he had a really hard homework. But a creative wording of things made him get an A+. This is just one of hundreds of examples.

Then, on a beautiful autumn day, I remember that we went out shopping with (groom’s name). So, as we were at Macy’s, a girl was texting and tripped into my son, almost falling down. However, (groom’s name) probably felt some spark there and quickly grabbed (bride’s name) to hold her back from falling. We didn’t intervene, but they had a short chat and they got each other’s numbers. I don’t know all of what happened next, but about 2 years later, my son came home like ‘Dad, we’re getting married, she said yes forever’! I was shocked, I thought it would take more, but I was more of a happy person at that time, and the feeling of being shocked passed away in a few seconds. I was so proud to have a son who’s about to turn into a man, just like I always wanted for him!

Knowing (bride’s name) enough, I didn’t doubt their true love, not even for a second. I know she’s a fine girl, and I knew she loved my son out of a pure heart. She was always polite with me and my wife, so we thank (bride’s parents’ names) for raising up such a special woman. I am so glad to have an extended family now, and to consider (bride’s name) as my new daughter. She is the woman who knew all the best ways to handle (groom’s name). I remember one time, he broke his arm trying to fix our roof, and he was in severe pain for a few days even during treatment. However, (bride’s name) came over, made him brownies and several other treats, brought some movies and they spent many weeks like this, the scene repeating itself day after day. I was filled with joy to see a young woman being so loyal and devoted to the man she loves most.

So, let’s all stand up and toast for this wonderful, miraculous wedding! (groom’s name) and (bride’s name), I wish you both health, finances, and fulfillment in all areas of life! Cheers!”