Your son is going to get married – which certainly makes you feel prouder than many times before. This time, you know that once in a while you are going to meet with your friends and when the discussion topic occurs, you can proudly tell them “yes, he is getting married, I am so proud of him”. While discussing is easy, you need to get your thoughts together and make sure that the speech you will tell at his wedding will be as great as your current discussions are. In order to achieve this purpose, we are now presenting an overview of the father of the groom speech.

grooms father toasts

Types of speakers

In most cases, the number one influence will be the man who speaks. There are many types of men, but some of them have the ability to speak longer by default while others simply struggle to say 2-3 sentences. Regardless of what type of a speaker you are, you need to know the following. In the same way that we assume and know that a 5-6 minutes long wedding speech can be successful, the same applies for 2-3 minutes of speaking. Yes, even a minimum of 2 minutes will do the job, especially if you can say just the right things. Download 25 Groom’s Father Speech Examples

But what are the right things? Keep reading and you will find out! In essence, as you know yourself and the ability you have to speak, you need to make sure that you only make your speech as long as it’s suitable. If you like to speak a lot, don’t aim for 2 minutes, but if you don’t have too many ideas, then don’t aim for 5 minutes either. Be realistic in all such decisions.

Is the structure important? Who invented it?

Well it’s quite difficult to say if there is an inventor of wedding speech structures or not – maybe there are people who have been “noted” as inventors, but that could never prove that before them there wasn’t someone with the same ideas and rules. MORE Wedding Speech Examples HERE

However, the structure to be kept for the father of the groom speech is highly important. Why the fuss with respecting a structure which is perhaps decades old? Think about your job, and about the way life is. What if you only went to work at 5 PM (because until then you would’ve enjoyed other activities) and then reached home at 3 AM? Also, what if you ate randomly, without any specific rules such as dinner, lunch, or breakfast? Yes, you probably know the answer: your life would be a mess. Similarly, if you don’t respect a speech structure, it will just become a mess.

What is the structure mainly? It is very simple. You begin with an introduction. Then, you continue by speaking about the groom and the bride. Before closing the speech, there are some moments to share thoughts/quotes/wisdom and then you have the toast. That’s all of what you need to keep, in order. What if you have any ideas to extend the structure and add some parts to it, making it nicer? Go ahead, because your personal ideas will turn the average into awesome.

The correct order of the speeches from your son’s wedding

Well, this is sadly where traditions and mentalities have a fight over the rules, because some people might say “it’s this order, as I say” but then others might say “no, you don’t know it right, it was never that order”. But what is the real order? Who speaks first? Then who follows? Who establishes such rules?

Since there is nothing too fixed in this manner, you should listen to what the groom and the bride decide for everyone. Like I am sure that they have a certain preference. If not, you should consult with all family members, including the bride’s family. Additionally, you need to contact the best man and the maid of honor. You should reach to an order of speaking, all together. Make sure you remove all misunderstandings, and establish something to be respected on the wedding day. It’s not a race, so it doesn’t really matter who is older or who goes first. It matters to give respect to the young couple and to not argue when their moment comes.

If more participants agree that someone’s traditional beliefs are to be kept, or something they have read from books or blogs, it’s okay. As long as these decisions are in harmony, you can all proceed.

How do you know if wedding speech jokes are okay or not?

Jokes in essence are not bad. However, they are not good either. It’s like the knife: you can use it for multiple purposes, good and bad. Similarly, jokes are okay if the purpose and the way you make them is good and they become bad if someone is getting hurt by what you say. Also, some jokes are not made for weddings – these would also be bad, even if outside the wedding context you regard them as “great jokes”.

Also, you need to be intuitive, and expect some type of reaction from the guests. By knowing some guests, you already have a general idea about their possible reactions to your jokes. Just because you enjoy a joke it doesn’t mean all people do. So, make sure you can think about jokes selflessly and you can estimate things right. Once you have it sorted out, you can consider including them.

There are jokes that are spontaneous and there are also jokes that look too “programmed” or made up in advance. For any type of joke, there are right and wrong moments to tell them. Make sure you don’t necessarily force yourself to tell a joke in a particular moment. You should rather wait for a right moment, and when it comes, the joke will be welcome. It is very important to be open-minded and flexible in such aspects. That is what makes a speech unique and noticeable: the way it’s not schematic and not programmed.

Is your hair important? Is any other detail important?

Yes, definitely, all details are important – to give a short answer. But let’s take a deeper insight. So, once you are there, people will first notice your suit. How qualitative is it? How elegant does it look? Is it your size or not? Many men have made the mistake to wear suits slightly larger or smaller than their actual sizes. Don’t repeat the same mistakes – make sure the suit is tailored to your size, fitting you perfectly, not too large and not too small.

Also, after people have noticed your suit (which obviously must smell good and be clean and look clean), they will start analyzing your shoes. You can’t wear your dad’s shoes, let’s face it! You need to have your own new shoes, not borrowed and not rented. I know a rental is always cheaper, but it’s better to leave everyone with the good impressions.

Then, other than your shoes, people will also notice your tie and your accessories. What color is your tie? Does it have particular models or not? Does it have a regular shape or not? Whatever your case is, every guest will notice these details. What’s safest for you is to make sure you got it right. To make sure, you should study wedding trends and current fashion, making sure you don’t fall into other properties then the ones people would expect to see. Then, your primary accessory should be a nice, elegant watch. Men usually wear watches and even if you don’t normally wear a watch, you can make an exception for your son’s wedding. Also choose the watch or any other accessories carefully, making sure it all comes in harmony with your suit, tie, and shoes.

People will also check your hair. How short or long is it? Does it look elegant or not? Did you have it prepared for the moment or not? Also make sure that your hair matches your general outfit and the way you present yourself. If it’s not a match, guests won’t like it and won’t respect it. It’s very important, because they will notice the hairstyle very quickly. Whatever hairstyle you’d apply, make sure it’s one that matches current trends.

Did you prepare for the moment, like do you know what to say?

Preparing for the moment of the actual father of the groom speech is of great significance. You need to acknowledge how big of a day it is for your son, and your entire family. He is now getting married, about to start a new journey in life.

Selecting your words on the go, while you are already there is never the good solution. Okay, maybe for one person out of thousands it will work, but in most cases it’s not! Will you risk that? Being that one in a thousand? I don’t recommend to!

So, you need to have the wedding speech text prepared from home. This is all a process, and as you are preparing for the event, you can’t have it done in a single day. However, by working on it progressively, every day and being perseverant can bring great results. You might need 10-20 minutes per day, but in the end it’s worth the efforts. This also includes the repetitions you have. Or you can call them practice or rehearsal. Whatever name you give it: you must practice and simulate reading and saying the speech at home, in front of a mirror alone or in front of your wife. You also need to be open-minded enough to accept whenever you make mistakes, so that you can correct them. Yes, this is positive and constructive criticism!

After all, if you know what you need to say, it’s all safe and fine! Ideally, you will know it as a poem you have learned in school. This means you won’t need any piece of paper to read the groom’s father wedding speech text from.