Your father of the groom speech means that you truly produced it, wrote it and prepared it. Yes, you might have used some ideas, but you didn’t copy anyone’s text to use for yourself. It’s ideally what every father wishes to give for his son’s wedding, isn’t it? Well, there are a couple of very important things to know if you want to achieve that. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not hard at all, but you need to be correctly informed, committed and engaged into making it happen.

Initial preparations

Before you keep diving and digging deeper into the subject, you need to make sure about some things. For example, you can’t handle the rest if you are freaked out or seem to have lost control over the situation itself. You need to have the confidence that you will succeed eventually, so that your worries make no sense.

You should also understand the elementary fact that time is needed. You can’t prepare any speech if you don’t set aside some of your free time. If you say to yourself that you have no such thing as free time, then you’re wrong and besides, you can’t write your father of the groom speech if you don’t even do the least you can (which is to have some time that is meant for this particular task).

Also, you need to know that help will be necessary. Don’t be a control freak, trying to make it all on your own to become proud later and say “I did it alone, not like you”. It’s not going to happen. Even if it would, it would mean a lot of struggle, sweat, stress, anxiety and frustration. It’s not worth it to try getting no help.

How to set aside some time? Tips for businessmen, shop owners, etc.

Yes, I know, your schedule blows your mind. You literally have too many things to handle, and it just doesn’t seem to come to an end. However, there are great chances for you and your time you don’t have might turn into the time you have.

One of such examples is a coffee break. Let’s admit it – you won’t go doing a bunch of activities for those 10 minutes of enjoying your morning coffee. Yes, you’ll have the suit on and everything will be in place, but it would just be like 10 minutes of “leave me alone, now”! What if, in those 10 minutes, you would grab some paper and try to come up with ideas? Maybe you won’t have too many ideas, but just write down all you can. If you have the opportunity, ask the secretary to do it for you – maybe it’s going to be possible, especially if you’re in charge over them.

Then you have some moments when you get home. Admit it – even if you find it hard to use that time to actually do something, but you might have a couple of hours daily free, in which you voluntarily choose to handle other things. What if you simply used that time in benefit of the father of the groom speech? There are so many things you could actually do in those hours, such as: write a few paragraphs, search for new speech text ideas online and much more. Wouldn’t it make your life easier?

Also during the time you’re at home, ask your wife. Even if she is busy or cooking, or maybe just cleaning or watching her favorite movie, but you can trust her advices. Yes, nobody is perfect, but still many people are able to help you and most of them are family members.

If you’re driving to your office and caught up on the freeway for 30 minutes, maybe an hour – you couldn’t advance too much ahead anyway. That time too can be used to write down a few of your ideas, or maybe get some former ideas corrected. When you think about it, there are just too many ways you can use some apparently “inexistent” time, and turn it into benefic time that produces more words for your father of the groom speech.

Know the way you should look like

Another very important issue is dressing up for the event, choosing the shoes and just deciding whether you are going to wear accessories (such as a watch) or not. Well, let me tell you this: unless you dress properly and make sure everything fits well together, you will make a fool of yourself. Still, the only problem that causes us to become pathetic is ignorance or impatience. You need to allocate some time, not too much just as much as needed, in order to find out what you should wear. There are always some new trends for the wedding outfits, but then it’s also about how your son chooses the topic of his wedding. If it’s all a summer wedding with light colors, then probably it’s best for you to choose a tux rental (or maybe purchase your own if you wish to keep it) that is close to the color of the theme. Again, if it’s an autumn wedding, there are darker colors to be used, such as brown, black, blue, and similar. You need to know and decide accordingly.

Also, your hairstyle is important. If you have a nice arrangement of your hair, then you will feel confident, but if you don’t then it’s fairly hard to confidently speak and hold a quality speech in front of numerous family members and guests. You can check with a hair stylist or read some articles on this topic to find out what hairstyles are recommended for men at your age. Then, your shoes must be of highest quality. You can’t play with important elements – you must be well-prepared in every aspect.

Wearing watches is something I would say to be great. However, you need to choose a watch of your own style, making sure it matches all you have: the tux, the shoes, your hair. An accessory such as a watch will come out, attracting looks from all guests. So this is especially why you must make sure it’s a nice touch, and not randomly chosen because it was on sale!

Confidence helps

If you are confident in your attitude, then your father of the groom speech is going to improve significantly in quality. Obviously, as a man, you will say something like “of course I am confident, I’m a man”, but trust me: when it comes to the actual moment of the wedding, emotions might knock you down a bit without realizing! So, how can things be right?

In the first place, you need to prepare emotionally from home. Imagine that today, right now is the wedding. When you imagine that, you will have minimal emotions, but the more you believe it’s today the more you will feel emotions. As you feel those emotions running through your mind, you will find it easier each time to overcome them. Knowing that it’s all under control and everything is supposed to happen, you have nothing to worry about.

Of course, confidence grows from the acceptance of imperfections. It’s not like you don’t care, but you need to acknowledge that perfection can’t happen for your wedding speech. Knowing all that makes it a lot easier, as you won’t have to struggle with ideas such as “unless it’s all perfect, I’m not speaking”.

Watch some videos to learn body language

With a father of the groom speech, or any other wedding speech there is, you need a certain body language that will help you express your thoughts the right way. Unless the body language is understood correctly, you can’t really share a quality speech. This is why videos showing body language tips will help you, and they can be found freely on YouTube or other sources. However, avoid the videos that are business or marketing related body language presenters.

For example, you need to know the voice you use when you present the speech. An aggressive voice or an agitated voice are not solutions. On the other hand, a calm and confident voice of a speaker who knows what he’s actually doing is benefic and strongly builds into the benefit of the overall body language. Also, your hands can’t be kept or moved randomly while you speak. It’s interesting that most times when an important moment comes around, people don’t know how to gesticulate with their hands. Some people keep their hands near their bodies, such as soldier would do, while others keep balancing their hands like they would be in confusion. Holding a glass of wine, champagne or other drink is one of the easiest options for proper hand position and movement. If you hold a glass in your hand, then it’s less probable to have random or uncontrolled movements. While you might try to put your palms together, or other similar public speaking gestures, you’ll later learn that such practices are linked to politicians speaking, or marketing experts presenting their business ideas. You don’t want a business language with a speech!

Then your eyes are the mirrors of your soul, and this applies for your father of the groom speech. If your eyes don’t look in the right direction, then it’s very hard for you to achieve anything on that side. But how to look at people? Or would you look at the ceiling or floor? Well, let me tell you this. If you’d look at the floor or ceiling, people would notice and they’d say you’re weird. So, obviously, that’s not it. Then, by looking at people you need control also. You need to have a friendly look, but not fixed on a particular family member or guest. They might think you are staring, which is awkward, so it’s best to naturally look at every guest without specifically stopping your gaze upon a person.