As you may know, the father of the groom speech is one of the most awaited moments at the wedding reception. All the guests are eagerly looking forward to it. It is also considered to be one of the most privileged speeches to contribute during a wedding. So it is of utmost importance that a groom’s father speech should be well scheduled and sufficient time must be given to prepare it. It is the most important day in your son’s life and you surely owe him a good speech. Here you Have Some Speech Samples

Let us review some tips and ideas for preparing the father of the wedding  groom speech for the very special day of your son’s wedding. You would be looking forward to write an outstanding speech that enthralls all attention in the guests and makes your son feel proud of you and give your daughter in law a warm welcome. To come up with such a speech, you must consider a few elements very carefully and go through a few examples for some inspiration. Going through a few examples of groom’s father speeches will definitely help you get a rough idea on how you are going to go about writing your own, but at the end it will be your creativity and originality which will win you applauds from the audience and entertain them immensely. An honest speech that comes straight from the heart will surely be appreciated by all present at the wedding.

Though there is no hard and rigid format of the groom’s father speech, giving it a proper structure is very important. There are certain things that must be included in the speech and certain things that should be left out strictly. Here we are discussing the general structure of the father of the groom speech which shall be followed by certain tips for preparing the speech.

  • Introducing yourself: There may be a few guests in the wedding party who do not know that you are the father of the groom. For example, the guests and relatives from the side of your daughter in law may not recognize you. Though you may have been introduced, it is for the best that you introduce yourself briefly at the beginning of your groom’s father speech.
  • Welcoming the guests: After a brief introduction, it’s time to welcome all the guests coming at the wedding reception. You must appreciate that they’re being present on the auspicious day of your son’s wedding. You have to thank them for traveling such long distances to bless your son and daughter in law. You can also thank those people who could not make it to the wedding due to some unavoidable circumstances but have send their best wishes and are have an eye on the proceedings from afar. But take care that the welcoming part of the speech should not be too long or too short. It has to be precise, at just the right length.
  • Reminiscing old times: You can recall the day your son was born; the joy you experienced watching him grow. You can talk about his childhood days and share the fondest memories of him as a child. Stories are an indispensable part of any wedding speech. The father of the groom speech is no exception to it. You can share a short story of your son’s childhood days, discussing the funny antics that you can never forget. This will entertain the guests and make them laugh and it is also a source of cheer and merriment for the couple. It is good to break the monotony of the speech. You can also use certain physical props to draw attention of the audience. For example, you can use a baseball glove if the story has something to do with it and then later you can gift it to your son at the end of the toast. The guests at the wedding reception would definitely love to hear the special moments you shared with your son when he was only a kid.
  • Show respect towards your son: In the father of the groom speech should talk about how proud you are of your son for his excellence in the work field and his uncanny brilliance in selecting his spouse who is so loving and caring and blends in the family so well. You can talk about his achievements briefly in such different arenas of life. In other words, you can briefly describe all the good things your son, his sense of responsibility towards his family and the wise decisions taken by your son that matter for the marriage itself.
  • Appreciate your son’s bride: You can begin by talking about the day your son met his wife, the ways in which he developed in her company. You can talk about the ways in which she changed his life into better. It would be ideal if you addressed some kind words for the bride in the father of the groom speech. It is also ideal to talk about including the bride in your family and that she would be just like one of the sons or daughters in your family. You can express your gratitude for having her in your family and playing such an important role in your son’s life. Whatever you say in the bride’s context should make her feel the warm welcome and also make her feel at ease.
  • Sharing some marital tips or advice: It is customary that the groom’s father speech should include some tips and suggestions for a long and happy married life. You can share some advice based on your own marriage experience. You can discuss the mistakes you made so that the newlyweds can learn from those mistakes. Some of the tips that you can share in the father of the groom speech can be: to make time for the themselves and for the family in spite of the busy working schedule; surprising each other on a regular basis etc. You can also have quotations from good books and movies and for greater impact.
  • Thanking everyone for their help and support:  The wedding speech must include the expression of gratitude towards all those who made the wedding reception a huge success. The friends or relatives who supported you financially can be mentioned in this part of the speech. You must not forget to thank your wife, the clergyman, the entourage, the caterers and the video staff. This part too should be kept simple and short.
  • Propose a toast: A nicely spoken toast proposal should mark the end of any wedding speech. You can include an unforgettable quotation in the while proposing the toast.

The father of the groom speech should be well rehearsed and practiced so that while delivering it on the final day, you do so with full confidence and without any hesitation. Being well dressed and nicely groomed are extremely important elements of your speech success. You must be in a well-fitted suit wearing you best perfume and have your hair arranged in a neat manner.

Keep in mind that you must not share anything that can give embarrassment, humiliation or offense to somebody. Reading some groom’s father speech jokes will give you an idea on what kind of jokes you can crack and what you should avoid. Any negative opinion should be left out like any sort of criticism, not even in a light mood. Marriage is about a new beginning, about unity and togetherness and negative remarks can disturb the atmosphere altogether.