There are more beautiful endings when you consider a wedding organizing, especially if you are the groom or the bride. But your family will always be a part of your life and their role in your life will be constant so don’t be afraid to ask for their help, even at your wedding.

Among other things the wedding ceremony that comes after will many times involve the line of speeches, where some dear people say a few words from their hearts towards the newlyweds and the guests. If you are the father of the groom and you’ve been solicited to say a few words here are some great tips that will define your speech for the best. FIND HERE Examples

With all this great technology some of the wedding speeches are great in theory but they fail when you come to the practical part where you actually have to write the speech and deliver it afterwards. Of course it is not always easy even to write it, because in every case stress will be your opponent as well as the overwhelming tasks that will appear. But you don’t have to worry about it, just start early and make sure that you have the time for it.

It is not a solution to think that the best way is to say a few words without having to prepare for this. You’ll fail, especially if you are not accustomed to speak in front of an audience. The whole speech will also depend on your perspective of seeing things and according to your character and traits of having to speak. DOWNLOAD a PDF file with 25 Speech Samples

To write a great father of the groom speech you’ll need some documentation and some clear inspiration that will give you the chance to develop your ideas in an order that makes sense. Keep in your mind that the advices of your friends and family will be of great aid, especially if they already have an experience in this domain of writing a speech and delivering it. If this is your second time when you speak in front of an audience then you’ll find it useful that reading a few examples of written speeches will open your eyes on how to build it and will give you the inspiration for it.

Even if it is your first time, your priorities will be defined by the time that you allow to writing the speech, rehearsal and for memorizing it. The first in line is to write your introduction line that is one of the most important lines that will define the attention of your guests. Don’t have the fake impression that everyone present at your son’s wedding knows who you are, because half of the audience are probably friends and relatives of the bride who came from faraway and don’t even have a clue of who you are.

A bad example of speech introduction would be to start with something like ”Dear guests I am happy that you’ve finally arrived at this event, and I’m truly glad to have so many friends here. After all, I am proud of my son and his life decision and I hope that you all feel it as well. ”

The example is not only bad but it is one of the worst father of the groom speech introduction lines, the first part should honor and respect the newlyweds since this day is theirs, next all your guests will have the impression that you don’t even care and their presence here is in the benefit only of you and it is about a hidden interest of your own purposes. The second fact is that you represent your family as well and many lines in your speech except your appreciation of some traits of your son should comprise the terms “we hope” or “we are happy”.

Instead of providing a mood killing atmosphere where people will desire to leave as soon as possible you should really write something like: “Hello everyone and welcome to Brandon and Catherine’s wedding, I am happy for their joy, which now has really been strengthened and truly expressed by their decision of joining their lives with each other. I know that maybe some of you came from a long distance and I’m really very grateful of your presence here and the efforts that you’ve put to come. We are honored that you are here today to share this day with the newlyweds.”

First, this wedding speech is not at all about yourself and is not even close to being something self-centered. With this introduction you give others the opportunity that they deserve to feel and share the joy that comes from a day like this. The second you’ve managed to speak in behalf of your family, showing that their support is active in your son’s life and at this event.

Showing the correct amount of respect towards the groom and his bride but also towards the guests will show the people that you are truly a gentleman not only in facts but also in speaking. They will feel appreciated and welcomed at this special and unique event.

After you’ve made the whole plan and the whole structure with your speech where you comprise the beginning, the middle and the perfect ending you can now get to the practical part. Don’t forget to thank also to the venue and all other people that really had an impact by organizing this wedding, they will definitely be very grateful and thankful that you’ve noticed their efforts, to make it right.

After you’ve finished with the thanking section remember to describe your relation with your son, by mentioning how proud you are of what he had become and that his bride really is the perfect match for him. By describing how they’ve met, and how the life of your son changed since he has met her will make a huge difference. The attention to all these details that are important to their life as a couple will leave many with the impression that you really care about what is going on in your son life and that you didn’t stay aside but you really share his joy about their whole friendship.

An audience will really feel involved if you succeed to draw living your experience all over again, people will then start to laugh or to cry depending on what you want to express, and since your stories are not made up but they have their root in reality, you’ll see how easy it is to offer a symbol of empathy. You just have to stick to your point of view, be natural and true with yourself.

Try to write something original that wasn’t copied at all, because many people have been to other weddings and some copied lines will not give them a sincere character of yours to appreciate. Be truthful and sincere with them and offer them an image that is not copied from some random books but that is authentic and original in everything. Don’t try to be somebody else who will make you look in front of other as a fake person or a person who could not find his right words to say, especially at his son’s wedding.

Still there are some things that you should avoid to mention in the father of the groom speech. For example, there is a common mistake that is used with using an excessive amount of jokes at the wedding or you’ll make it worse by making some allusion with the wrong things.

The problem with the jokes is that they are considered to be simple but they don’t suit the event at all. Not all the jokes that you make can be funny, even if for you they sound like they were. In this case you can ask for other opinions and see how they react when you make one of the jokes. You’ll find soon enough if they consider them to be funny or not. Accept their advice since it is welcomed if it keeps you far away from making a fool out of yourself.

Don’t make jokes that involve sexual things, it won’t go well at this event. Even if in the room there are many grownups and some teenagers, it’s not the right thing to do. The thing is that you will have to find some funny topics about the wedding that you can use and that will make people laugh about it.

Not all the people in the room will enjoy jokes, but they will appreciate some well-structured expressions that will offer joy and will establish a good mood. Take care with the jokes that have been told too many times and by now they’ve lost their meaning and their charm. Avoid being too boring and making people lose their patience but rather be as original as possible. Originality will give you the opportunity to bring some new elements that will make the audience enjoy themselves and feel connected to your message.

If you hear a fine joke about an autumn season and the wedding is in summer you can adapt it and make it after your own version, and people will really appreciate. Try to avoid being too explicit with all the details of your jokes because you might lose the train of your thoughts or you could make people start talking with each other and pay only little attention to you.

Another fact is to be true also when you are telling stories at your son’s wedding. It is very known that any of the wedding speeches contain stories especially the father of the groom wedding speech. When describing a story try to be as short as possible since the time frame is really important at a wedding. The newlyweds might have already had a conception about the time of the speech line because they don’t want to make the whole audience endure many speeches until the end of the evening.

One of the worst examples of stories that can be encountered in a speech is one related with your past or your son’s past relationships. The people will not be impressed or they will feel a part of your old life and the many relations that you had before your life. This event is all about the groom and the bride and their love that they’ve chosen to share.

It is also of bad taste to bring from your son’s memory line his past girlfriends. Many times people have a very bad impression that a life can be built on the past experience, which many times is better to be left there in the past. Another very wrong fact is that the context of this event is not proper to say those things, because your son’s romantic past might include many times some really shameful situations or parts that won’t benefit his future relation with his bride.

Instead the father of the groom speech stories should be concentrated on your son, because the main focus point includes his life. Complementing a lot will make people feel really good. It is really a great idea to speak about your son’s achievements since early years but also describe some of his traits. But in every word that you say you should keep in mind that since it is a wedding you should describe the foundation of this event by building a romantic story line that took place between the groom and the bride.

If your story is not too long and the details used will make the difference then you’ll succeed to be integrated in the length time that is usually proposed. The best time that will suit is of about five of six minutes, and what goes after in length it might transform in a an undesired opportunity to fail with the speech. A balance is always required in such an opportunity that will transform everything in a great ending part.

If your ending is good then the whole speech will motivate people to see you as a good speaker but if your ending is lame then the final impression will be as the ending part. Avoid the contradiction thinking that if you had a great speech but you’ve made some huge mistakes with the ending will influence your speech for the best. The ending part will comprise always the toast where some motivational words will be said. Best wishes are always told in the end, when the toast is being held. If you considered giving some advices your attention should involve details, because those are the parts where you can make some huge mistakes.

For example, you can have some wrong attitude towards what you are transmitting. Keep in mind that your attitude counts a lot and you might not even notice that without wanting anything like that, you just made some statements that sounded like the newlyweds have no conception about life, marriage and many other things. Any advice, word or wish has to be made in the full support of your heart.

Even if they are in the beginning of their life they need your support in everything, because you had their years and you were in the same place once. The advice is not the only way to give a perfect ending – you can search for a famous quote, the verses of a song or some movie inspiration lines that will make the difference.

Find quotes or lines that are commonly known, but that can also be very constructive for the newlyweds.