For a great groom’s father speech, you need to write all of its parts well. In order to do that, you need to understand how to structure it and then you must also be able to comprehend how each part contains several elements. For example, you can’t write things that make the introduction in the middle part. Here you Have 25 Speech Examples

Info about the speech introduction

Firstly, you will need to understand most of what the father of the groom speech introduction is. In the introduction, you will need to include certain things and in a certain way. One thing always stands true: if you ruin the wedding speech introduction, then it is almost certain that the entire speech is a fail. This happens because of the guests. You see, when an introduction is of poor quality, people tend to pay no attention to it. Of course, it’s not a solution if the remainder of the father of the groom speech would be amazing, because the bad introduction still makes it bad enough. In other words, after the introductory part is not as successful as it should’ve been, your guests won’t care about the following words.

On the other hand, if you say an amazing introduction text, then people will pay attention to every bit of a detail you are about to say later. What goes in this part of the father of the groom speech? You generally welcome the guests, all of them. While it is quite obvious that they are all welcome, you need to specify it and say it in front of them, keeping eye contact with everyone to make them feel like they are important. Then, you should also present yourself, because there might be 5 or 10 guests who have no clue about who you are. Yes, you might say things like your age or your resemblance of physical aspect with your son – but that is never enough. The rules of how wedding speeches are presented properly include this – so you need to do it.Click Here for More Speech Samples

Keep the introduction short, no matter how much you had intended while practicing at home. Who would support a 2-minutes introduction? If any beginning part would be that long, people would believe that your full speech is at least 30 minutes long, so they will freak out and try to leave or go out and return later. That is definitely something you don’t want to do, because it’s embarrassing for the hosts.

Jokes should be included in father of the groom speech introductions too. Not for any other reason, but people love it if they can have some fun and then if the atmosphere is to stuck or stiff, you can’t see guests who actually enjoy what is happening. Thus, to loosen things up, a carefully selected joke will do the job better than you ever assumed.

Speaking about the groom

Speaking about the groom is the second most important thing on your speech checklist. If you speak about him too shortly, it’s not good. In the same way, you can’t talk for too many minutes and you can’t talk about everything that ever crosses your mind.

This part definitely requires the most preparation from your end. Many fathers have thought about this as if all was under control without practice. I can’t even lay it out in words to tell you how wrong they were! I have witnessed several cases, and all of them were disasters. What to do to avoid having a disastrous wedding speech moment as the groom’s father? When you prepare, the first thing you should do is to put yourself into the position of your son. If you can feel what he feels and if you can think like he would think on the wedding day, you will better understand what to say and what to keep your mouth shut about. It’s not about having your voice heard, but it’s about honoring the young couple and making them feel special.

Obviously, people will expect your son-story part, which is when you talk about the groom. Saying a short story with reflections on the important aspects is the best decision you can make considering this side of the wedding speech. You don’t need to promote your son, because people didn’t choose to attend this event to hire him. Since everyone came to celebrate, you need to make sure they know how much of a helpful, kind, respectful person your son is. Don’t make it too long, because then it will sound too exaggerated. Keep it like 1-2 minutes only, and then make sure the same amount of time is dedicated to the bride.

You can shortly specify how your son grew up. Of course, this obviously means that you are going to talk about the things he did right and never about the things he failed with. Also, a common mistake is that some fathers begin talking about ex-lovers, ex-girlfriends and ex-fiancées (if any). That is wrong! His current bride and wife to-be isn’t there to hear about his past. All they are now doing is building a new future together. If you can only rejoice with them by the reflections of the past mistakes and relationship failures, then you better not even mention the word “relationship” in your father of the groom wedding speech. You need to understand that such things, if mentioned, are embarrassing and inappropriate.

It is also great if you can share the love story your son had with his bride, and of course this is the story that ended up in marrying each other. Guests have definitely wondered about such stories, and as a father, you might be able to give some cute and not too personal details about their story which will make everyone feel better for coming and listening to your speech, while being there for the happiness of the couple. Also, this gesture is something that will make the young couple feel happy and supported and trust me: it means a lot to them.

While talking about your son, don’t talk about any of the misunderstandings you had. Also, don’t mention the fights or misunderstandings he had with his bride. These things are matters of the past, and you should never bother about remembering them and these aren’t to be told publicly.

The bride is as important as your son

Within your now half-way-through father of the groom speech, you need to talk about the bride. Some fathers can’t really talk enough about the bride, which is why they choose to talk about the couple together. Of course, if you already mentioned the couple stories while you were talking about your son, then you can’t repeat the same stories twice. This is why it is best if you plan things ahead, and if you know what will happen. More Wedding Speech Examples

If you are the man who doesn’t know enough about the bride, still he wants to talk about her within the father of the groom speech, it’s not a problem and it’s not too late to get started. The best thing is that you talk to your son and to the bride, and you try to ask her about the things you want to include in the speech. You don’t need to feel embarrassed about it, because she will feel honored to find out how you considered to honor her in this particular way. There are many brides who would’ve desired something as this – but didn’t happen to them.

If you feel like you ran out of time, it’s not a problem. You can always ask your wife and even friends of the young couple who probably know a lot more than you do. You should tell them about the honest intentions you have – which is to speak about the bride as much as possible, within the 1-2 minutes’ limit that you have also allocated for the part in which the central subject was the groom.

When talking about your daughter-in-law, you need to make sure that it doesn’t sound like flattering her or like flirting. It will give you a very bad name if you talk in that sense, because people will then feel no respect towards you and they will always believe that you are an awful father.

It is also important to show the bride that she is now part of your family. While you might assume something like “well, it’s normal, of course she is”, things like this aren’t understood if not spoken clearly. There are many families in which people didn’t say it, so it was never clear if the groom/bride was welcome in the spouse’s family or not. So, if you want to let her know it for sure, please tell her within the father of the groom speech because if you don’t, then she will never know. Such an affirmation, if you were honest with it, brings respect and positive things. First of all, her family will acknowledge what you did and then the guests will also rejoice, respecting you more than ever before.

Quotes or advices – what to do?

This is always a trickier thing in father of the groom speeches. Many fathers might feel like they should be giving some advices. Of course, you might feel like it, but it’s not always the good choice. You see, some young couples take such things positively while other couples will hate you for it. While this reality seems harsh or exaggerated, it is true in every country, in every case. There’s always a difference, but there’s always consequences depending on how the newlyweds’ personality is.

The best is if you also consult your wife and other people who are trustworthy. It’s not because you are not man enough, but you need some advice before saying something. Furthermore, the more advices you ask for this part the better it is.

Other than that, you should be able to identify some past experiences you had with them. Some of those experiences will clearly let you know whether it is a good idea or not. Be open-minded and it will work!

The closing part – toasting

Then, one of the shiny moments, the final part – you will propose a toast. There is no fixed poem for that, you need to read a couple of toasts and then make up your own.