wedding toastsFirst and foremost, congratulations on the promotion from father to father-in-law. The day has come at last. Your little son is now grown up to take upon one of the biggest responsibilities in his life. In this remarkable and life turning event, the happiness & the roles of the newly wedded couple, the moms, even the bride’s father are surely emphasized from now on. However, the role and responsibility of the groom’s father is mostly skimmed out from the proceedings, considering an erroneous fact that he is the overseer. However, the panic and anxiety running into every nerve of the father of the groom, only he understands. To add to his anxiety, he has to prepare the all-important groom’s father speech.

The father of the groom can never just be the overseer. He has his attention to every minute’s detail happening in and for the wedding – the guests, the venue, the budget, the food, the décor, the music band, receiving the in-laws, welcoming the friends and many more… At Least you have some Speech Examples Here

In such a wrapped up position, the father of groom also has this relentless hunt of the ‘PERFECT father of the groom speech /toast’. This article may help you find few peculiar and unique ideas on making your speech – memorable and heart-warming.

Here are five great ways to make father of the groom speech interesting:

  1. Groundwork: Anybody can make a public speech. However, making it an ‘interesting’ public speech is quite a job. They are common assumptions that when I know my son well, what else do I need to be prepared of or what else do I have to plan? This simple thought of confidence can later lead you to regret the fact that you did not plan well before and in time. Planning and preparing does not mean writing down word by word or taking a 5-page speech to the podium. It is rather to collect and have the ideas ready, which you want to share and which you do not. The process is called – ‘Groundwork’. What will bring happiness and laughter to your son and the audience as well? What material or subject will keep the audience occupied and away from their food plate for a few moments?
  2. Preparing: Preparing could be very simple and rewarding, if implemented properly. How, what and when to prepare? In five ways to make father of the groom speech interesting, the first and most important step is preparing. How? Write it down! Make a rough draft. Format the correct speech structure. Start with a striking note and end it with a cozy gesture. Never let the charm of your speech slip at a given point of time. What to prepare? Gather and write down every lovely memory of your son. Do not take incidents that he was not proud of, for you may think of it as nothing really happened but he might feel embarrassed. So avoid disturbing and frowning incidents from the past. The guests of the wedding never really bother about what your son did in high school or his trips to the beach, so avoid dull and boring incidents from the past. Rather, you can add scoring points of your son and tell how you know he can do it, welcoming lines for your new daughter-in-law etc.  Make your speech of 4-5 minutes. Remember that people are sitting to celebrate and have fun, not to hear long lectures on life. Stick to “Short & Sweet”. Do not postpone your preparation to the last moment or the day before the wedding. You may wish to share some wonderful thoughts but failed or forgot to add them in, in that last minute hubbub. So preparing at least 4 weeks before is a good start for an excellent delivery.
  3. Overcoming: Overcoming shall include more than one deed. The guests and the family around, waiting to hear you will stare at you like a bunch of judges. Do not panic while addressing the crowd and the starring eyes. Stage fear is quite common until you actually go and stand there, since then it fades off as soon as you start talking. Stay focused on the purpose of the speech. It is for your son and his wife. The idea is to make the new couple feel happy and proud about themselves, bestowing some confidence in them for the new life. In this scenario you, as the father of the groom, may lose your confidence to talk before a bunch of people and making a father of the groom speech should be out of question in such an unfortunate case. To avoid that you need to overcome the mentioned things.
  4. Conveying: While overcoming stage fear is one side, overcoming your forgetfulness to ‘convey’ your thanks and mention people is another. Do not forget to convey and thank your daughter in law for her love for your son. Acknowledge her; make her feel proud of her decision. Your talk must ensure her that she is moving into a family as a member, into a family which has a dad who is just like her own father, meaning that you appreciate and love her as part of your family, as you would love your own daughters. Convey a thank you note to her mom and dad for their confidence in your son and your entire family, for they are giving away the most precious thing of their lives to your son. A father of the groom speech does not really mean talking only about the son and his ventures. The speech could be interesting only when it is not monotonous and shifts from subjects to subjects, involving everyone while still being planted on to your son as the main subject.
  5. Staying: Once you are done preparing the rough draft and preparing yourself to overcome a few minor pitfalls, now it is time to learn how to stay on the script and to not wander out of it. To understand the concept of ‘sticking to the script’, you have to understand the importance of the script first. As far as a successful father of groom speech is considered, if the script plays a vital role, the ability of the speaker to ‘stay’ on the script is of double vitality. A crucial part of a father of groom speech is learning to stay by the script. Never wander out and make meaningless comments or jokes on marriage. Never use the speech stage as a place of confession. Boasting about how close you are to your son could be a point of less importance and the opposite, apologizing for not being close enough could be the worst you can say. A wedding toast is definitely not an opportunity for listing out your failings as a father. Never deviate from the goal of making your son happy on his big day. The speech is not about you, it is for your son. The ideology of sticking on the script will ensure no deviation and will make the father of groom speech interesting and leave people spellbind.