A big wedding always comes with a lot of fuss and a tone of wedding traditions as well. The essence is to make sure that all those necessary preparations were being made by the time schedule and it will all fit in your busy schedule.

father of groom speechesAs a father of groom you might not be so accustomed with speaking in front of an audience so to have a huge success you should just start some early preparations. A success always consists in knowing what your position is and in this case you should probably know by now that you are your family link with the audience. Being a representative for the whole family is a big deal and comes around with fulfilling some responsibilities as well.

When you’ve been asked to hold the wedding speech at your son’s wedding, everything changed in your life and things must be done very quickly, but with some preparations upfront. First of all, you’ll have to get passed all those emotions that might overwhelm you, and start getting to work right away. You might want to get over all that fear of doing everything wrong and stick to the plan of writing the speech and then delivering it.

A wedding is like a life commitment and it is as important as any other big event that should take place once in a lifetime. You’ll be about to make the most important statement ever and you cannot run low of ideas or ruin everything by not preparing yourself. The groom’s father speech should consist more in telling your son how proud you are of what he has become but at the same time involve the one person that he choose to marry. Click HERE for 25 Father of Groom Speech Samples

According to the type of person you are and how your character is, you should choose a theme and a subject to get by at your son’s wedding and don’t forget if you prepared a wedding joke and is based on a season, you should change it according to the season. Leaving a crowd with a good impression in a winter season will make you the star of the night, not to mention that you’ll get the chance to make others feel a part of the newlyweds’ union.

A winter wedding is always a moment of joy and celebrating and since the holidays are only a few weeks away, you can really enter into the spirit of holiday and wedding at the same time.


One of the key points that will make your speech a great groom’s father speech in a winter season is defined by your time and your investment in the speech. Your concerns will vanish when you start getting ready for the big day. Early preparations will decide the oath of your success. The big day will remain forever in the memory of your guests, the family, and the couple that is getting married and in your mind.

When you start organizing, you’ll start gathering all those thoughts into one remarkable speech that will make the difference for those who gathered for the wedding and especially for your son. To plan everything will give you the opportunity to have a clear speech, an eloquent message without stumbling or rumbling about without any begging and no end.

You’ll be free of many unpleasant experiences and you’ll find out how much time you saved by having everything written and being able to deliver your upcoming speech. The first choice before even writing your speech is to choose your theme and your topics that you are going to add. Avoid those complex and complicated words that will make you forget the phrase and just act natural and write simple. If you are not sure about your whole content, you can ask your wife about it and consult some of the closest friends that already had this kind of experience.

You can find more unique sources of inspiration by going through online sites or even by searching through offline sources such as books. Get every advice that you can from those who already went on this path, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Don’t allow yourself to become another copy – trust in your instincts as a writer and bring out to light those memories that build a bridge between you and your son.

Your tone

As a parent, you might have sometimes been very eager to teach your son a lesson to remember and not all the time in a friendly manner. As time passed, your son now grew up and turned into a decent and strong man. Your character and your attitude will make the difference and influence the wedding ambiance.

As the father of the groom, the best tone that could ever be used is in an informal manner. After all, you’ll be talking at your son’s wedding and not in a formal and objective manner as if you were at a conference or at work. People will notice very quickly how you relate to them and to your family. When you adopt a formal attitude you usually push people away from you and a communicational barrier is being lifted up, not to mention some emotional impediments that will make their way very quickly.

Every excellent speech has a great speaker behind and the best option in every wedding speech is just to be yourself and not doubt that you can achieve and say great and amazing things. After all, I’m sure that you have an opinion of your own when it comes to your son and his bride.

Each message comes with a certain tone so it would be much more indicated to choose it according to what are you about to speak of, but be in the first place a friend and then a father that will guide the newlyweds on their way through this journey.

The guests

The audience is as important as the wedding itself, ignoring them or forgetting about them to mention will not make you the favorite on their list. You have to keep in mind that many of them traveled far away and left their homes, some of them even their jobs to be able to make it in time to celebrate and share the groom’s and the bride’s union.

You should always keep in mind that gaining the confidence of the audience will have to be seen as a person who cares and wants to share every part of his son’s wedding.


Everyone present at the wedding came for your son or the bride and noticing that will make you step ahead in the line of speakers. You’ll end up very surprised after you’ve written your speech, just to realize how easy it was to deliver it once you’ve started to practice.

Once you’ve started with your practice, you’ll find out that your emotions are not so overwhelming and that you can really handle that pressure of having everyone look at you. You’ll start even to live those words that you’ve written and you’ll see how quickly you’ll gain confidence.

Your son’s wedding is the most important event that could happen to him and among other’s he chose you to be there and be aside of him and aside of his bride.