We crave for a better speech, texts that are of highest quality, but we don’t have the time and the ideas to complete. A father of the groom speech is not different: you need great ideas, and once you have them, you will also have the possibility to succeed.

Have an action plan for everything

groom's father toast

First of all, you need to properly plan your actions. It’s not enough if you have some basic idea or if something crosses your mind, you freak out and then do it quickly. However, if you have great plans, then it’s all easier.

How to plan things properly? How to make sure nothing is left out? What you can always count is that there will be plenty of changes and unexpected situations with organizing the wedding. It’s simply how it always goes. Your son will require your help, and then you can’t say “no” every time: it’s better to help him whenever possible. When I say possible, I mean that you have some time that doesn’t hurt your career or marriage. Ideally, the time you have at hand should be used in favor of advancing both with the preparations and helping your son, but then also with your private life abstract from what the wedding means. It’s all possible with determination.

Your wife knows some things better

No, I am not talking about how golf is played or how a car works, but she knows better how to handle social communication, in other words she is probably way better in having ideas about social interaction. Well, if we look into it, the father of the groom speech is also interaction with numerous guests and family members from all across the country and sometimes even from the outside. In such situations, as a man alone, you might not have the best ideas and statements at hand.

Learn to better communicate with your wife. Let’s face it: she handles such issues better than you would. So then why not get your ideas from her? She can tell you many things and who knows, some of these things might actually work great for you! Even if it sounds complicated or over-theorized, but please listen to her and try to apply the best of her advice in preparing the speech for your son’s wedding. Download 25 Groom’s Father Speech Examples

Then, ask your wife about choosing the suit, the shoes and everything. Yes, you obviously have in mind certain details such as the size and the color, but that’s not enough. Even from the same size and same color, you can find rental suits or brand new suits, hundreds of them. If you visit more stores? Yes, exactly: there’ll be thousands of them available. So then which one works better? Don’t bother with an attempt to answer alone. Ask your wife as she has more ideas and more clue than you’d ever imagine. Her assistance is like gold when making such choices.

Have some men’s time with your son and others

Having some men’s time, enjoying some golf, or drinking beer or other activities can really help in constructing the text for your speech. Even if it doesn’t, your son will feel that you are honored to have him grown up and that you cherish every moment you can spend together. This also counts, because thereafter, he will become the head of his own family and you won’t govern his family anymore. However, if he was able to leave with warmth and love in his heart, he will always cherish some days to come back and visit, spending time with you and your wife.

Then, in most cases, it’s also helpful to gain material for the father of the groom speech. This means you will have interaction, you will hear about his plans, you will find out how he thinks of life from now on, and then you can maybe share some advice to help him achieve what he wanted to, or just tell everyone how proud you are to have a son with big dreams. Then, if the dreams are big, encourage him. Who knows, he might actually achieve his own goals and dreams!

Grab some paper and try to write

There are many techniques, such as using an editor on your PC or laptop, or even using your tablet or Smartphone, but nothing can become as efficient as plain old paper. By writing things by hand, you will find a deeper level of feelings, a deeper level of getting all things together, putting all puzzle pieces to form the perfect text.

Now, of course it is relative to define what the perfect text would be and that’s exactly why it’s so easy to have it right. After all, as long as you find it good enough and people appreciate it, you made it: that speech was perfect.

When trying to write on paper, you don’t have to know the length or all the words upon starting. Maybe when you write the first words, you have no idea what you actually want the speech to say. Maybe you stare at the paper, wondering about what on earth you could put there. However, you know you can work it out step by step, thus turning a few words into something big. How? Let me explain so that you can clearly see what I was referring to.

At first, you will have a piece of paper with random words, half sentences and maybe even some paragraphs. This does not include a speech structure, it doesn’t have a flow, and it’s not even a speech yet. But this is how it can all start and that’s what we want to achieve here. Next thing you can add to those ideas, to those half (or complete) sentences, turning it all into a larger piece of improvised ideas. You will then realize “wait, this one appears three times in different words” or maybe you will be like “okay, I forgot to mention this and that”. That’s all in the process, and maybe your piece of paper will be a new one and then yet another one, until it becomes more and more complete.

As you can see, you are now getting closer to forming a simple wedding speech. What you need next, other than the plain ideas, is to see a speech structure. Every wedding speech has a relatively short and simple structure; the rest is only adding words to the right parts or sections. It should ideally begin with an introduction, then continue with the part that talks about your son. Further on, you should also mention the bride, then give out some wise advice or quotes and finally toast. That’s how simple a structure is. Now, seeing and acknowledging that the above mentioned is really what the structural organization of the text is, you can classify the existing words and half-complete ideas to these sections. As soon as you’ve done that, you can go forward to the next step. Find HERE MORE Examples

The next step is developing and growing the existing ideas. Now, you need to try turning the keywords or the few word expressions into full sentences. Then, you will realize it needs to flow and have some sort of a connection. This means that the ending sentence of each section should allow the first sentence of the next section. Since it’s a speech, you won’t literally say something like “So, let’s begin and get to the point… About my son… He is awesome”. The actual section or structural sub-heading names are not meant to be said. There are only guidelines to make your speaking flow naturally and in an organized manner.

Further on, you will realize you will throw away the existing draft in favor of a newer version, maybe even dozens of times. That is all fine and it doesn’t mean you are undecided or clueless. It simply means that you are working hard, the best that you can in order to make sure the father of the groom speech really turns out to be great and appreciated by everyone. That is exactly how you want it to happen, right?

Every time you find yourself not knowing what to write next, you need to ask others. Don’t feel too proud or ashamed to ask. Your friends, your wife, even your future daughter-in-law can help you with more ideas and better ways of saying what you already worded out in the speech drafts. By multiple advice you will only get smarter, knowing better and more ingenious ways to make it all professionally. Being a professional doesn’t mean you need to do this for a living, it only means you work on the small details long enough to make them perfect.

Timing to maximize professionalism

Timing is key, especially if you started out with the idea of keeping it as professional as humanly possible. People will expect you to speak as long as they think, but then they don’t care anymore. But, what is the ideal father of the groom speech length? Keep it all under four minutes in any case, and you will find people to pay enough attention, respecting what you said. If people seem to be in a hurry, you can also reduce the speech to just two minutes, in which you mention everything. Sometimes a shorter speaking can be more appreciated than someone who speaks for 10 minutes (which is the worst timing for wedding speeches, as it’s too long).

So, measure the time of your speech at home to make sure you fit in perfectly.