Few already made examples

Giving a father of the groom speech on your son’s wedding day is perhaps the most treasured bequest your son will be going to remember and cherish years after the wedding. Being unprepared and not taking the necessary steps at the time of preparing a father of the groom speech can make your son embarrassed in front of all and can even ruin his wedding day owing to this.

groom's fatherIn order to amaze your son, family members and the guests, your wedding speech should initiate with a grand opener. A grand opening will unquestionably generate stunning memories and make your son feel how much he matters to you. But the thing is how to make such speeches that leave a lasting impression in the hearts of all listening to your speeches.

It has to be alluring and should contain strong and ear-catching words and sentences along with some humor to make it more interesting so that it draws the attention of the audiences at once. There are lots of people out there who surf several websites in order to find profound information on the father of the groom speech, but they often get confused with an assortment of information. Thus, they cannot guess what to follow and what not to follow. If you are still perplexed and very much tensed about the speech, there is no need to worry. The following “father of the groom speeches” as examples are going to ease and lighten your burden. Click HERE for MORE Samples

Do note that these examples are not long enough and detailed enough to copy them and use them “as is” for your speech!

Father of the Groom Speech: Example 1

“Dear guests, I would like to thank you all to gather over here to celebrate this most special day of my son’s life. I have three wonderful kids and I am very proud of them not only because of their professional success, but also I think all credits go to my wife. John is the youngest member of our family and today he is getting married. I have admired him for his brilliant ability to select a spouse like Susanne to spend the rest of his life together. My son is handsome, very loving, charming and tall and was our favorite, and today I welcome the newest member to my family, Susanne. She is amazingly beautiful and loving. She is like a daughter to me and we welcome her to my family with lots of love. I would like to thank her parents for bringing her to this beautiful world.

My son is getting his independence today. You see Susanne, John was our baby, he has never brought us one day of grief, we have never yelled at him, so if he forgets to take out the garbage, or if he watches Monday night football, please don’t yell at him. (Humor)

May you both have a wonderful time together for the rest of your lives. So, on behalf of all we raise a toast, a toast to your happiness, may you always have a tears of joy, may all your dreams come true and Susanne, I want lots of grandchildren!” MORE Examples HERE

Example 2 with Little Bit of Humor

“Good evening all! Today we are surrounded by family and friends. I would like to welcome you all to celebrate the most important day of my life, that is, my son’s wedding. It seems like yesterday when I took him to get admission in a school. And today he is getting married. Time really flies. My son Alexander is the first grandchild in our family and so of course he was spoiled. So Christie, you need to handle him! I still remember the day, when he called his grandmother and she was working in the kitchen. She asked her (grandma): can I have a napkin? He called his grandma and insisted on asking for a napkin. My mother went straight to the kitchen and brought a napkin for him. So Christie, you can imagine how spoiled he is. Anyway, Alexander I just want you to remember only one thing, that is, marriage is a two-way street. There is nothing that cannot be resolved. Everything can be sorted out if you’re both willing to sit and talk about it”.

Note: This is some type of humor, possibly not enjoyable for everyone. Also, these examples are not full-length examples, only parts to give out some ideas. Find HERE More

Father of the Groom Speech: Example 3

“Dear guests, first of all I would like to thank you all for becoming a part of today’s celebration and for all your endeavors to come at this wedding, leaving all your important works behind. I still remember how my little prince used to hold my hand and roam about the countryside. I knew that this day would come, but never have thought it would not take long to come.

Marriage, like birth, is exactly like the beginning of a new journey together. Today my most amazing and brilliant son is going to tie a knot with the most beautiful woman in the world, but of course after my wife. Brandon is my only son and ever since his childhood, he used to be very naughty and was very curious about everything that he perceived. Today the same naughty child has grown up enough to take the responsibility of marriage on his shoulder.  I am very happy for both of them and wish them all the very best for the new life that they are going to start. I am sure you both will build a long and joyous union through your commitment and love. Both of you may succeed because your mom and I believe that you can.” Download 25 Samples

Make your own wedding speech

The best guide when you need to make your own father of the groom speech is giving out step by step instructions that will help you complete this speech. You probably have some imagination, and dozens of ideas running through your head, which you think will be suitable for this goal. However, you might later find out that some of the ideas you have are great, while others are simply useless.

Let’s start our short adventure to find out how you can simply prepare and present a high quality speech, made by you!

Initial thoughts, before the speech is born

Initially you need to understand a few concepts. One of the main concepts you need to know is that wedding speeches are never going to be perfect. In other words, the only perfect speech is the one that is memorable and the one that made the couple feel great, even if some guests found it inappropriate. After all, the event is about the newlyweds, not about the guests. Am I saying we ignore guests? Not at all! What I am saying is that some people might have awkward ideals, and if we’d go to abide by them, then everything would fail for the sake of one or two people.

Then it’s all a result of continuous work. You can’t truly expect great results after you dedicate a few minutes to writing a father of the groom speech. While you might have some basic words, basic sentences for your speech, the few minutes can’t bring you close enough to completion. So, you need to let time do its work and this also means you need to be committed continuously. There are many people who commit to writing the speech for a few days, and then they get bored so next time they don’t care anymore. So then days pass, and they realize it’s already too late but they want to have the speech. If this is your attitude, wake up, please! You can’t achieve something good if your efforts are not invested at least minimally. After all, creating a great speech doesn’t demand huge efforts, it only demands that you will continue daily until it’s done.

Many times you also need to know that writing a speech is team work. Team work doesn’t necessarily mean that you write one paragraph, your friend Tom writes another one, and your friend John another one. Team work can mean something like you meet Tom, bring up the subject of wedding speeches, and he gives you some hints and ideas. You get home, and apply them, so your speech advances. Then your wife comes, she tells you something needs to be changed or something else to be added, and you do so. Those kind of things are the ones that build up team work after all. You just need patience and perseverance in order to allow yourself to see the great results that come in the end.

First steps – you must get it started

Getting everything started is very simple. Buy a notebook or grab some sheets of paper, and keep them in a folder separately from anything else. Keep that folder or the notebook at hand, and then start writing your ideas and your first sentences of the speech in there. So then, you will see that you either have a paragraph, or 20 short ideas (2-3 words each), or something in between. Truly, something like that is relatively far away from being a father of the groom speech, but still it’s great to know that it’s a start for a speech. Even more, such small steps can lead to a great speech afterwards. Again, all you need is perseverance.

If you’re a fan of electronics, you can choose to have your speech with you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop to carry around. Yes, in that case I also recommend that you save backup copies on the cloud and perhaps in your personal emails too. It’s just safer to have multiple copies instead of a single copy. Considering the electronic approach, editing later is much simpler. Still, the risk is that in case the device fails and you didn’t have the changes saved on cloud or in some other safe place, then it’s all lost. So you need to put in balance the benefits and disadvantages, so that you can decide whether it’s plain paper or electronic storage.

Improve what’s already there

As you can guess, the initial version of the father of the groom speech is useless and it can’t yet become the final version. However, what brings about the final version is editing and improving the initial version multiple times, until the end result is great. Still, until you reach the state of mind when you say “it’s all okay” and when you admit “this is what I want to say at my son’s wedding”, weeks or months can pass.

Improving can be done in so many ways. For example, in the beginning, the most probable improvement is extending and adding new ideas. It’s logical: you still don’t have enough details, enough information, so you need to add as many new ideas as you can. Truly, this happens daily, and new parts are added every time, but you need to be patient and allow the speech text to grow. Even if you still don’t have any fluent text, such as a paragraph continuing with another one, ideas linked together, hold on patiently. The ideas will eventually turn into paragraphs. This is another type of improvement actually: when your ideas of 2-3 words or maybe 10-15 words turn into fully written sentences, or even paragraphs. That is when everything gets close to being a speech.

Also, sometimes, you will notice that some things you wrote within your ideas are duplicate ideas afterwards, just that the wording is different the second time. Obviously, you never want to say the same things all over again within the speech, so you need to eliminate duplicate ideas. It might take a few minutes, but it’s easier than you think it is. Click HERE for 25 Examples

Fit everything into the right structure

You then need to fit everything into the father of the groom speech structure. After all, every wedding speech must respect its structure and you can’t speak without having a structured speech. But what is the right structure and how to respect it?

First of all, every speech would start with an introduction. Here you will add your initial thoughts, not the core of the speech, and not things about your son and the bride. Also, you won’t start with wishes of happiness and courage in life for the newlyweds, because such ideas don’t go well for an introduction. What will you write there then? Simple things, such as: introducing yourself, shortly introducing the event and welcoming the guests and family members. You need to show people some respect, so that they will feel great for coming. If you don’t mention that they are welcome and that you’re happy to see them, they can easily assume that you don’t even care. Also, if you feel like it, add a joke or two.

Then, make sure you talk about your son. This part is tricky, because you can’t and you are never supposed to make it too long. I’d say ideally it’s a two-minute section. While speaking for two minutes might seem to be a lot of words, you will eventually find out that even if it’s hundreds of words, you will have an impression that it wasn’t long enough. So, to avoid confusion, you need to make sure you keep the length. Also, in favor of not going for too long, you need to understand that there’s also another part about the bride and that you are not presenting the skills your son has, because it’s not a job recommendation.

As I said, about the bride, you should do sort of the same as about your son. This means you speak for the same amount of time, and about the same sort of things. You can’t perfectly do it the same, but you will try to make it very similar to the part about your son. It’s good if you take this approach, because while you admit it won’t be perfect, you still work on it.

Then, before you end the speech with a toast proposal, you should choose to either speak your own words or to quote someone who is known (or maybe even unknown) to the guests. This shouldn’t sound as you are proudly saying things to prove how great you are, but as a friendly advice you give to the newlyweds to successfully overcome challenges in life.

The final structural part is where you go for a toast proposal. Here is the moment to make good wishes and then toast for the couple!

Ask for constructive criticism and keep practicing

Once you have all that was mentioned above, it’s fair to say that you are done or almost done. It’s good to know that you can still edit all of that, if you feel the need. What you need to do is to ask for criticism in a constructive manner. For example, ask your wife and some friends to join and tell them the speech, as if it was the wedding day. Then wait to see what they think or say. More Toast Examples

Additionally to having that done, you can practice almost every day to make sure you learn the speech text. It’s pathetic to read it from a paper, so it’s better to know it!


These are certain examples on a father of the groom speech with the help of which you can have an idea on what a father of the groom speech is and how it should be. Writing and preparing hypnotic father of the groom speeches is not rocket science that you cannot do all by yourself. What you need is a little guidance and a little bit of faith in yourself to prepare a spellbinding speech. Therefore, have a look at the above mentioned examples and start preparing a brilliant speech now to surprise your son on his wedding day.