father of groom speechYour son is now a real man! His wedding is certainly something you are very proud about, as a man, as a father. You know how important it is for him to be the best on this special day, to shine like a star. When you were in the position of being a groom, you already know the lots of emotions and thoughts and everything that was running through your mind.

How can you truly write a new father of the groom speech, unlike any others that can be copied from books and from various blogs? Is it any room for new in a world where probably hundreds of speeches are given daily, only at weddings? Yes, the best thing is that there is always room for something new in your life! How to achieve that? Keep reading on and you will soon know every detail of it.

Understand your son

Since you were already there, you can’t just sympathize with your son, but you can truly put yourself in his skin – well, almost. Except the fact that it’s a new generation with different values from the ones you were used to your entire life, it’s all the same. He is now stressed, feeling helpless and he also keeps worrying about tomorrow, asking himself: “how am I going to make it through” or “isn’t this too much” or similar. You know the feeling of despair that comes around when the wedding day is getting closer, and you keep checking the calendar and the time, and no matter what you read and see from there, you are going to be like “oh my, the time had really passed”, or “I can’t believe it’s 3 o’clock already”. Click HERE for 25 Father of Groom Speech Samples

The next level of understanding is seeing the tasks he needs to do. You can have short talks with him, and with your wife too in an attempt of finding out what your soon is now focused on. A father of the groom speech starts way before the speaking itself: you need to be involved, up until the top of your head into every detail of the wedding. That’s the way a good speech is about to be made later!

So, as you begin to know and to observe what your son needs to do and how urgent each task is on its own, you can find new ways to help him. Maybe it takes 10 minutes of your day, or maybe it takes six hours. Regardless of how much time you’d lose by helping the groom, you need to be there for him as long as it doesn’t hurt your career and your love life. When you help him, he might not appreciate it and he might seem very disrespectful, maybe even to the level that he’ll apparently treat you as his personal servant or slave. Don’t be offended and don’t take these things seriously: the stress your son feels can’t let him think normally, so he sees things differently compared to normal days 3-4 years before now. It’s not like the following days are not normal, it’s just that the pressure overwhelms the human brain.

Be a good adviser in the process

If your son needs you physically, like helping him with various things, he also needs you emotionally. You can never count on the fact that “he’ll be just fine today without me”. He might go through an episode of doubts or depression, when only the best pieces of advice can bring him back. In those critical moments, as a father and as a friend of your son, you can’t miss it and you can’t mind your own “business”, whether it’s career or something else.

Young men always need advice, but you need to learn how to present them. It’s like giving a Christmas present in the right package. Maybe formulations like “my advice is” or “what I did when I was your age” not always work. However, another approach can prove to be highly effective. Test your son! Know his habits and expectations, so that you can speak on his language.

Also, the good advice aren’t the ones that were good in your generation, or that were good according to your personality. You need to understand the differences of personalities, because your son is not like you were and it’s perfect as he is right now. So, you need to tell him things accordingly, in a way that he can understand.

Get started way before the wedding comes

Since the first moment you know there is going to be a wedding, even if it seems in a distant future, you can already take notes and have some ideas for the father of the groom speech. The sooner you start, the better, because no matter how plans change and how the wedding might come closer, you will not be surprised by not having time to finish.

It’s always the simplest to first note your ideas as they are, not elegantly expressed and not transformed into glorious sentences. You just need to first keep things as simple as possible, making sure that you note down every good thought running through your mind. Don’t be selective – allow it to reach the paper.

So then, you go through a selection and fresh ideas again, once the initial ones were noted. Only thereafter, you can elevate some expressions, and speak in a way that it’s according to the wonder of the event. You don’t need to struggle with language too much – just read some father of groom speech examples online, and you will get the point as to how the language should be. All you need is some patience, and you will soon see your simple ideas transformed into art!

Know the time limits

You need to know that the father of the groom speech is not for an hour, nor for half of an hour. We’re merely talking about five or six minutes, in which you can speak about your son, the wedding, the bride and marriage generally. Yes, this is just broadly the resume of a wedding speech in a sentence, but you know you need to elaborate it to the appropriate length. Of course, having just two or three minutes of speaking don’t make a bad difference: sometimes people love that approach even more than the five-minute-speech.

So, knowing the guests (at least most of them), you can estimate the time limits. When you are home, weeks and days before the wedding, that’s when you can measure time and know if you are in the right time, or you need to shorten the speech. I don’t say make it longer, because in most cases the first version is already too long!

Basics of body language and speech voice

You should, ideally, know at least the basics of body language and the right voice for a speech. Since there are various types of speeches, you need to adjust the voice for the father of the groom speech. How to learn that properly? You can watch movies or YouTube – it’s all there.

Then, about body language, I also suggest you watch movies. Yes, you can also read some written materials, but visual representations are always better!